Your first visit typically takes an hour. During this time we will review your past treatment and your medical history as well as your current concerns. We will do a through neurological evaluation and this may include asking questions about your sleep, diet, exercise, mental health and lifestyle. Our goal is to understand and treat your headaches. One of our major focuses is to understand the pattern of your pain and to identify the cause as the treatment outcomes are improved by a full understanding of the whole problem.

If you have had treatment and evaluations in the past, then it would be helpful to send us a copy of this in advance or bring at the time of your office visit. There are many treatments available to you and we would prefer to customize your treatment by learning about your response to treatment in the past.

Depending upon the problems you have described, your comprehensive treatment plan may include further assessments such as MRIís, x-rays, blood tests or even other consultations such as psychiatric consultation or medical consultation. Most typically recommendations do not include much testing but include advise regarding diet, nutrition, sleep modification, exercise, acute care and daily preventive medication, recommendations for lifestyle changes, stress and time management.

Although control of your headache disorder may require a few visits in the first few months, most patients can be stabilized quickly and then require only 1-2 follow-up visits a year, unless they become unstable. We will work hard to help you get control of your headaches. The best care comes from collaboration between physician and patient, and it would be our pleasure to serve as your mentor.



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